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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colour Shifts and Caravans...

Im looking through film (and digi) shots from the uk trip I just came back from 5ish days ago... Its funny how easily we slip back into our routines again, back into my usual life... Im trying not to slip back into exactly the same stuff i was doing before, part of the reason i got this thing together, something i've meant to do for a while.

One of the expired centuria rolls has crazy ass colour shifts, going way blue or yellow, ill post some up guess is its partly (mostly?) the scanning, ill know whenever i get my flim scanner (could be a while)

I have been shooting a bit with some box brownies I found in the uk, (got 3, 2 of them working, one has a sticky shutter). They are made for 620 film which is basically just 120 (medium format) with a slightly different (usually metal) spool. the 120 stock loads fine, you just need a 620 spool for the other end, or they tend to jam up after the 4th or 5th exposure ( 8 exposures total on a 120 roll with these)
They have a single, fixed shutter speed which sounds about 1/50th ish, a switch for bulb mode (no option for a shutter release cable; you needa find something to hold it against while you hold the shutter release) and theres a pull out tab for close subjects (it says 5 to 10 feet) which puts another lense behind the original to focus closer. Winding is by a circular knob, and one of those red windows where you read exposure numbers on the back paper of the film. 2 seperate viewfinders, for horizontal and vertical framing...

cant wait to develop (ill try tomorrow) they smell great btw... that 'old camera hasn't been used for 40 years' kinda smell :]

also, in the UK, i found a Praktica MTL 5 B in a charity shop for 2 quid, no lens, but it looked good and seemed to work otherwise.. anyway, turns out this screwmount mamiya/sekor 55mm f1.4 I've had gathering dust for a while twists happily on! I got it along with a load of other random stuff (including a nice nikon enlarger lens (EL Nikkor 5.6 80mm) which ill probably never use) when i was buying one of my manual nikons off ebay.. Im chucking a test roll through it now.. gonna get a uv filter for it tomorrow (its an odd size, maybe 55mm). Cant wait to see f1.4.

- check out the shutter release in a wierd place-next to the meter and stop down lever-sticking out the front of the case-


  1. ahhhh!! this makes me hate my dad for throwing away his praktica ages ago -- apparently the lens was cracked... it let in light leaks -_- ... love the brownie's :) i love those metal spools!

  2. yeah! speaking of them.... I need more of them :/ they're stupidly overpriced on ebay :(

  3. gosh ... the box brownie ... played with one as a kid ... who'd a thought i'd still be using 120 film (or are they 127?)