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Thursday, August 20, 2009


It seems I've caught the dreaded swine flu... to be honest, I'm not really surprised, I was kinda expecting to get it sometime, as practically everyone knows someone else who has caught it.

I haven't actually bothered to go and be diagnosed, because it would be pretty pointless, but its more than likely H1N1. Proper symptoms started on monday, but I had a gut feeling on sunday night that I was coming down with something. I'm getting a little bit better each day, the worst thing was being unable to get sleep the first few nights. Apart from that, headache and dizziness... and too many crappy sitcom reruns.

Its not actually a really bad flu, I remember having worse, I'm walking round and stuff, but its supposed to be infectious 7 to 10 days after first symptoms, so I'm not going anywhere fast... But I would prefer this for a week instead of one day of constipation : |

I should get mixing perceptol and start developing some B&W rolls, I've felt too crappy until now.

this will take a while...

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