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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Analogue stuff (c41 film in b&w chemicals)

Ive been experimenting with developing c41 (colour negative) film in black and white chemicals, and hey, it works...

Im using a load of old konica centuria stock (exp 2003) that i got a while ago (for cheap : ] )

Its cool because c41 film is cheaper than b&w film = more shots = yay!

My current method is microphen 1+0 (kinda old) 8 mins (25'C) and a fix in standard ilford rapidfix mix for about 15 minutes... Using a long fix because it seems to take a while to get alot of the orange colour out. (normal bw fix is about 4-6 mins) Neg density seems ok now, I feel like reducing the dev time another minute or so though.

Of course, the negs still have an orange mask, like yer standard colour negs, and yeah, you dont actually get any colour (though it seems like some people get the odd whiff) 

Anyway, enough! Here's a flickr group dedicated to this alt process!

Also, I think Im getting a camera tomorrow, and I think It'll be a Lubitel     =]   (Flickr Lubitel shots...)

After using a rolleiflex in the uk, Im seeing in squares...

Won't be surprised if I come away with more than the one camera either...

Okay sleep...

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