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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2:24am cliche

(such)? dark eyes;
        but so bright.

this is just for me.

Its from a day that feels far away. it feels like lots has changed in a year.. and a year went fast.
A good day.
A day that i wont get back.
A day that won't come back.

Whatever. Ill hate this tomorrow.

for whatevers sake, thats kodak bw400cn (awesome stuff)  taken with a Nikon EM (my mums) through (also technically hers) an (old) tamron 28mm 2.5.(my fave lens) and it must be a year old or more.
(scan date  Monday, July 14, 2008) shot here in Singapore on one warm afternoon last summer.

I wonder if in 20 years we will be able to say 'summer of '08' without feeling stupid. Or if i will be able to say then what i feel like saying now without feeling stupid; something about it being almost too long ago to care to remember. But i do care to remember. Like I set that upon myself the moment i tilted the camera and  pressed down so freely. I was so confused, lost, though seeing this shows me i am just as lost now, maybe more.

Must have been one of my first b&w rolls.

The lack of colour is killing me somewhere inside.

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